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✅ When you visit our website (SUCARRORD), you accept all the Policies and Terms and Conditions of this Website.

✅ Assumes full responsibility for use of our system (Website). This responsibility extends both to when you make a purchase online or publish an ad.

✅ If the CLIENT OR USER registers in our system (Website), will be responsible for providing the correct information, for the publication of an advertisement or purchase of an article in our system (Website).

✅ At the moment of the user registering to our system will be receiving confidential information for which the CLIENT OR USER will be responsible, committing to make appropriate and confidential use with the information provided.


✅ It undertakes to make good use of the contents offered in SUCARRORD.

✅ It undertakes not to engage in illegal, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order activities.

✅ It commits to not occasional physical or logical damage to our system (Website).

✅ You agree not to send viruses, computers to third parties or anyone who uses this system (Website).

✅ You agree not to use third party information.

SUCARRORD, reserves the right to remove or delete all content that is inappropriate and disrespects the dignity of the person.

SUCARRORD, at no time will be responsible for content, repercussions for these elements, purchase or contracting of these, nor will it be responsible for advertisements, or services offered by third parties such as:

✅ Banners.

✅Content or promotional ads.

✅ Collaborations with companies.

✅ Details of services offered or information published in the advertisements.

SUCARRORD, at no time will be responsible for information or content published by the CLIENT OR USER, through our Publishing Tools.


✅ All shipments or packages will be delivered within a maximum period of 48h / 72h. working days, if your package is in the Dominican Republic. If your package is outside the country, the CLIENT OR USER will receive a notification via Email ([email protected]). Orders received after 6:00 pm will be processed the next day.

✅ All orders received from Friday to Sunday or holidays will begin processing the next business day.

✅ The maximum time established for shipments is 48h./72h. as long as there is no problem with the transport agency. In that case, SUCARRORD will contact you.

✅ In case the customer is not at the shipping address, the transport agency will proceed to make up to 2 attempts to try to deliver your package to the shipping address that you supply in our (Website). In the case of not being able to deliver the package to said address after having made the 2 attempts, the package will remain in the transport agency for a maximum of 6 days from the date of the last delivery attempt, in case the client / If you cannot pick up the package after 6 days, the package will be returned to our company.

✅ In the event that the client could not pick up the package and it was returned to our company, the client will cover the shipping costs again.

✅ If you are browsing our (Website) and see any product you want and this is not available, please contact us by WhatsApp, Email ([email protected]), by calling our numbers or by our contact form.

SUCARRORD, reserves any right to cancel any order placed on our (Website).

✅ Once your package is shipped, and you have placed your shipping address incorrectly or want to make a change of shipping address or relocation of your package will have an additional cost.

✅ If the CUSTOMER OR USER adds a product to their shopping cart and does not make the payment, this product or article will not be reserved under any circumstances, since another CUSTOMER OR USER may be seeing the same product at the same time, it is also possible that when you buy this product again it appears as sold out. If this is your case and you want the product please contact us.


✅ Changes may be made for another type of Size or Model, provided that it is available in our inventory or you can obtain a credit note for the value of the amount of the item. You will have a maximum period of 15 days to make the return or exchange.

✅ The cost of exchange or return of a product, is borne by customers.

✅ Customers can carry out the return management by calling our company, sending an email ([email protected]) or using our contact form. At the time of making a change or return of a product please have the order number at hand.

✅ At the time of making a request for exchange or return, the customer must send the item to our company, if by mistake of the post office or some other error the package is lost in the return process and it never arrives to our company, it will be the responsibility of the client and no exchange or return of the same can be made.

SUCARRORD, reserves the right not to make or accept the exchange or return of an item or product if it is in poor condition, used, stained, broken, washed or in defective or inadequate conditions.

✅ All changes or returns will be subject to the availability of the product, if at the time of making the change or return and our company does not have in stock the product for which the customer wishes to make the change, you can exchange it for another product or obtain a Credit note for the value of the item.

✅ Credit notes for exchange or return of a product have no expiration time. SUCARRORD reserves any right to cancel it.

Jewelry accessories: SUCARRORD Will not accept changes or returns on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches or rings.


In case of USE OF ANY of our photographs or images, SUCARRORD will proceed to make an immediate complaint for copyright.


SUCARRORD, reserves all the right to make changes or modifications that are considered necessary or timely in our (Website) without prior notice such as:

✅ Modify.

✅ Change.

✅ Add new content and services.

✅ Delete content and services.


SUCARRORD reserves the right to modify the Policies, Terms and Conditions published here at any time without prior notice.

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