Types of plans for New and Used Cars RD

What kind of plans do you have?

We have different Plans for New and Used Cars RD: Plan for Individuals, Plan for Individuals that appear as "Featured Ads", Plan for Premium Individuals and Professional Plans for Dealers.

How can I publish my car on your website?

You can create an online account or you can contact us to help you with your publication of New and Used Cars RD.

Why can not I see my publication?

If you published your ad and it does not appear, you must contact us to approve it.

How can I create an account?

You must go to Sell My Car or press the icon with the login button.

Payment method

How can I do the payment?

You can pay by bank transfer, direct deposit and PayPal.

Why can not I make the payment online?

You can only pay through PayPal online; If you wish to pay by bank transfer or direct deposit, you must contact us for more information.

Online Store

How can I buy online?

You must go to Online Store and select the item you want.

When do you deliver my package?

All depends on the delivery time you select in the Online Store.

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